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A Better Oil And Free Shipping!

BMF releases a new oil specifically designed for 2007 and OLDER diesel engines. The friction modifiers and other additives haven’t been stripped out of these oils, so your engine will last longer! Free Shipping too! Read More


Need A Tuner For Your Cummins? Have You Checked EFILive Lately?

Over the years, EFILive has dominated the Duramax tuning market with their tuning control over the Duramax engines. Did you know they, also, have tuning available for the Cummins? Learn about it here! Read More


Smokey Mountain Black Out Event (Dyno, Sled Pull, Show and Shine)

The Smokey Mountain Coal Rollers host Smokey Mountain Black Out! This event is sure to draw a lot of trucks and with the amount of activities and classes is sure to be a good show. Read More


5.9 Build Up Thread!

From bad fuel to bad cylinders to rebuilding an engine, this thread has a lot of good info. When he is done, the engine looks killer, runs great and is ready for more upgrades! Read More


225 Mile Per Hour Diesel? Jared Jones Does It In The Scheid Dragster

Jared Jones resets the ET and MPH record at the NHRDA Indianapolis Diesel Shootout. The MPH record has eluded him for almost 2 years, even though he recaptured the ET record in 2013. Read More


4wd Looks…For Your 2wd Truck

Get 4 wheel drive styling out of your 2 wheel drive truck. Check out Maxtrac Suspensions new 6” lift kit for 2003 to 2008 Dodge 2500 and 3500’s. This will let you clear 35” tires. Read More


Maryland Performance Diesel and Innovative Diesel Drag And Dyno

Two big names in diesel performance are teaming up to create one heck of a diesel drag race and dyno day. Maryland Performance Diesel and Innovative Diesel Performance announce the date for their first annual event. Read More


Battle On Badger Road, NW Truck Pulling

Another one in the books as NW Truck Pulls hosts their 3rd annual Battle On Badger Road. This is one of the premier pulls in the Northwest and certainly one to keep an eye on. Read More


Resto-Mod Workhorse: 1942 Dodge WC53 Carryall Turbodiesel

Check out this restored 1942 WC53 Carryall--desert tan paint, rebuilt straight-six turbodiesel, teakwood flooring, Hummer H1 wheels, and more make this vintage Dodge a unique collectible. Read More


eBay Find: Hummer H1 – Mobile Communications Platform

Check out this Hummer MCP. It is a half million dollar, self-contained, mobile command post built on one tough diesel all-terrain chassis. What is even better, it is about 25% off! Read More


One Heavy Contender, Darvin Bradley’s Half Breed (’07 5.9 Cummins)

Things can get out of control quickly and when they do, sometimes great things result from it. Check out Davin Bradley’s pulling truck. Half Breed is a 1,100 plus horsepower 5.9. Read More


Hellwig Products Releases Big Wig Air Springs For 2014 Ram 2500/3500

2014 Ram 2500/3500 owners looking for better towing manners and payload-carrying capability can turn to Hellwig Products, who just announced the release of their Big Wig air spring kits for the platform. Read More


Ford Motor Company Offers $1M In Engineering Scholarships

Ford Motor Company announces the Alan Mulally Leadership in Engineering Scholarship, a $1 million program that honors the company’s former CEO to outstanding students pursuing degrees in automotive engineering. Read More


Win An AR-15 Smith And Wesson M&P 15 Sport, Or Some Other Cool Stuff

Simple, easy to enter forms and a tad bit of work on your end, could result in winning a 800 or 900 dollar AR-15! Check this giveaway out and enter today! Read More


Ryan Milliken Discusses Extending The Life Of Your Turbocharger

We sit down with Ryan Milliken from Hardway Performance. He is the undefeated driver of the MBRP Pro Stock Truck, as well as the owner/driver of Buckwheat (2007 Dodge Cummins), and a well-known tuner. Read More


Black and Blue and On Fire! 2007 F-250 Super Duty W/ Custom Graphics

This is what happens when you work with an insanely talented painter that you trust. Dalton Mitchell gave his truck to his painter and said have at it. All done freehand and it turned out creepy cool. Read More


ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2011+ GM 2500HD/3500 Suspension System Update

ICON Vehicle Dynamics recently updated their 2011+ GM 2500/3500HD suspension systems to include the company's 2.5 series shocks. These help the system to provide exceptional ride quality. Read More

$_57 Thumb'

2007 F-650 Crew Cab, With A 3126 Cat, Is On Fire!

Check out this over the top F-650. Between the custom flames, lift kit, interior, exhaust and 15 train horns, you will want to be seen driving this bad boy. Everywhere you look, there is something going on. Read More


EBay Find: Free Standing Bio-Diesel Blending Station

With the growing popularity of bio-diesel, perhaps now is a good time to get into business and start selling your own blend. Check out this free standing blending station on eBay. Read More


Another Eye Catching LML From Alligator Performance

Alligator Performance put together a nice little package to create an eye catching truck that still retains 100% of its functionality. In fact, it is probably more capable now, than it was from the factory! Read More